“Sweetest of the Transition Metals…”

October 26, 2008 |  by  |  College Memories

Back in my senior and super-senior years in college, Pete got me hooked on Sealab 2021.  This is one of my favorite scenes/quotes [I lifted the quote from Everything2]:

Quinn goes into a hallucinogenic coma and has some weird dreams. In one of these dreams, he’s talking to a whale who throws this out for thought:

Ugh – humans and their filthy ravenous machines. Spewing out vile toxins. Did you know that the average fish, today, contains more mercury than a rectal thermometer? Would you eat a rectal thermometer? Answer me, damn you!
At which point Quinn, himself a fish in this dream, answers “No”. The whale says “I would,” and eats Quinn – then lavishes us with that quotable quote: Ah, mercury. Sweetest of the transition metals.

As for the validity of the whale’s assumptions on mercury/fish levels, I have no idea, but it’s funny nevertheless. If you’re not laughing, then I guess it’s a visual thing.